I saw jets of light shining from cities and villages, and from the high places and the low places of the earth. God's word was obeyed, and as a result there were memorials for Him in every city and village. His truth was proclaimed throughout the world. --Testimonies, vol. 9, pp. 28, 29. {ChS 112.2}

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer Begins for the Comox Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church 2012

Today was indeed a High and Holy Day at our humble little church in Courtenay. The Holy Spirit poured in. There was our newly formed Praise Group made up of new attendees, Larry and Karen, and more seasoned members, and our adept AV man, Yan, and there was the energetic and energizing group from CYC (Canada Youth Challenge).

These young CYC folks "from away" (we're an Island, so I can say that?)have been coming each summer for a couple of weeks to market Christian and health ministry literature and talk to people about the Jesus who loves them. They are generally students at university or seminary who need a boost in helping to pay for their education. They camp in the Church (and at Campbell River church while there). And they bring their wonderful music and youthful enthusiasm and faith and exuberance and preaching skills to share with us. They are a great gift!

This year the seven hail from Moldova (2), Mexico (2), Jamaica, St. Lucia and Bahamas. They are Holy Spirit-led young people with a mission from God. If you are so led, please pray for them and the people they come into contact this week. Thank you and God bless you this summer!

To learn more about CYC, please click HERE to go to their website.

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