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Monday, November 07, 2011

Dr. Nedley talks about Depression, its Causes, and his Holistic Depression Recovery Program

Dr. Neil Nedley talking about Depression and its Causes with It Is Written's John Bradshaw
Ed and I are currently facilitators as part of a Nedley "Depression Recovery Program" in Campbell River. We are excited by the program and its focus on lifestyle changes that can help to heal depression. Dr. Nedley designed a program based on his extensive research and history of working with with people with depression in his practice of Internal Medicine.

The Depression Recovery Program is introduced in the community with two free informational sessions that provide inquiring people with an opportunity to "meet" Dr. Nedley in one of his video presentations, and to get to know what he has to offer through the eight-week video program.

Dr. Nedley says that he averages around a "90% cure" for depression using his lifestyle methods (with participants' focused work to carry out his methods as taught).

We are amazed by the changes we see in people over a very short period. And awed by how the Holy Spirit is working not just in the life of the depressed person, but in the lives of family members as well. Dr. Nedley's holistic approach includes, of course, a very strong spiritual component. He refers to it in the video above.

We hope to offer a Depression Recovery Program in the Comox Valley in 2012.

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