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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Getting Your Life Back: Nedley Depression Recovery

October 18- December 13, 2011 Campbell River

Down in the dumps? Feeling blue? Been Down so long it looks like UP? These idioms are how we generally frame mild to severe depression in our Western Society-- as a sort of sad, lonely, boring, worn out time in our life.

And it's true that it does encompass more than just that sad feeling. In fact, while women might cry a lot when depressed, men often just wander around with an empty burning feeling in their chests. Sometimes depression makes it hard to get out of bed. Sometimes it makes it hard to eat (or hard to stop eating "comfort foods").

And if you go to the Doctor you are generally going to get a prescription for a "mood-modifying" antidepressant drug, something that will "take the edge off" the intense sadness or emptiness-- but probably something with side effects that most of us are not keen on. For example, some of the side effects from taking Paxil, one of the more popular "happy pills", could include:
anxiety or nervousness
back pain
change in sense of taste
decreased or increased appetite
decreased sexual desire or ability
dizziness or drowsiness
dry mouth
flu-like symptoms
increased sweating
nausea or vomiting
stomach discomfort or pain
tingling, burning, or prickling sensations
trembling or shaking
trouble sleeping
unusual tiredness or weakness
weight loss or gain
Does it not seem a little weird that if you are having trouble sleeping that you would take a pill that might create more "trouble sleeping" or increase your "anxiety and nervousness"??? (just asking)

I'm pleased to announce that our sister Church in Campbell River is bringing in Dr. Neil Nedley's 8-Week Depression Recovery Program... Dr. Nedley, a man of compassion and intelligence, developed this "lifestyle" program for overcoming depression through improving brain function. No one will be 'taken off' their meds by anyone in the Program, but there will be true benefits for anyone who comes out... and it is not unheard of that people will eventually 'grow out of' this debilitating disease if they 'work the program' as Dr. Nedley has set it up. Maybe you are interested, or maybe you know somebody who is. Give Pearl Kersten a call at 250-923-2383 to register and get more information. The classes are every Tuesday night starting October 18th at 7pm. Lifestyle Matters.

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