I saw jets of light shining from cities and villages, and from the high places and the low places of the earth. God's word was obeyed, and as a result there were memorials for Him in every city and village. His truth was proclaimed throughout the world. --Testimonies, vol. 9, pp. 28, 29. {ChS 112.2}

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Palms Route: Surrendering for a Blessing

The beginning of the Prayer Country 11-Week Tour looks at a prayer method that Richard J. Foster calls "Palms Down, Palms Up" in his book Celebration of Discipline.

Your hands become a symbol of releasing your burdens to God.

Sit comfortably in a chair in a quiet place.  You might like to dedicate this chair, this time each day, to prayer.  That is up to you.  It sometimes helps to begin by listening to some gentle, meditative sacred music.  An example might be some gentle old hymns, perhaps sung by someone like Tennessee Ernie Ford, or something instrumental. (scroll down to hear samples)

 Begin by placing your hands in a palms-down position along your legs.  This indicates your desire to turn your problems and heartaches over to God.  Have a conversation with God about what it is that is bothering you, what you want from Him.  It could something like "Lord, I give you this dilemma with ___ who seems to be having more and more pain every day and we are all frustrated that the doctors don't seem to know what is causing the pain.  I give you this frustration, this worry, this sadness, grief,-----"

Continue the conversation.  Recognize that your loving Father is right in the room with you.  Here is your opportunity to 'vent' in a way you probably avoid with family and friends who might be impatient with what they may see as 'whining' or they feel powerless to relieve you of your burdens and are uncomfortable.

Place your hands in a palms up position on your lap.  Now you are preparing to receive from the Lord.  Begin again to pray aloud.

Tell God what it is that you would like to receive.  

Example: "Dear Father-God.  I would like to see our little ___ relieved of the excruciating pain she has been putting up with.  I need to feel comforted, that I am serving her by prayer, that You are taking care of business and that I don't have to agonize and lose sleep with worry.... etc."

After you have completed your prayer request, sit calmly and quietly with your palms up, in desire and expectation.  
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