I saw jets of light shining from cities and villages, and from the high places and the low places of the earth. God's word was obeyed, and as a result there were memorials for Him in every city and village. His truth was proclaimed throughout the world. --Testimonies, vol. 9, pp. 28, 29. {ChS 112.2}

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Klimaforum Day #3 - A Little Strife

While political leaders converge at The Bella Center in Copenhagen to debate policy, citizens from around the world are meeting nearby at Klimaforum '09 to share ideas for solutions to the impending climate crisis. Mark Dowd, lead producer/presenter of "Faith at the Summit," visits this global gathering to talk with faith leaders about using "sacred action" to achieve climate justice. Join him in a conversation with Andrew Harvey (spiritual teacher and author), Benedictine Sister Joan Chittister, and Venerable Bhikkhu Bodhi (Buddhist Global Relief). Just click the video image to watch this 3-minute video report.

The role of faith at COP-15 is so critical. We hope you will share these video highlights of religious leaders in action at the summit. Please forward this email to your network of friends and colleagues.

Thank you for supporting the cause of climate justice.

Tomorrow: "Faith at the Summit" will be at the  political heart of COP-15--The Bella Center.  

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