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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Green Investment Idea

This came to me in my email... has anyone had any experience with this?

Attention: Fundraising Planners:

Have you been looking for an EASY and ECOLOGICAL way to raise money for your School, Church, or Organization? Recycling 4 Green’s average paying price is higher than any other recycling fundraiser, and we pay 25% for broken devices. You simply collect old electronic items like cell phones, DVDs, printer cartridges (no laser cartridges), plus other electronics and earn up to $450 per item.

Anyone can donate their used consumer electronics – clients, parents, family members, staff, neighbors, co-workers and even local businesses. The average household owns 25 or more consumer electronics; so this could be your easiest and most profitable fundraiser ever. There is NO SELLING involved, NO MONEY to invest and WE PAY for all the shipping charges. In addition, we'll send you a free packet with full color posters, proven fundraising tips, our item value list, pre-paid shipping labels, and everything else you'll need to hold a successful recycling fundraiser. We’re ready to help you get started today!

Electronic Recycling has many beneficial advantages to the environment and your organization. More than 50,000 organizations have already begun collecting, contributing, and enjoying profits through recycling drives. Your potential with Recycling 4 Green is limitless, and you get the most for your time and effort on every fundraiser.

For more information on how you can Recycle for Green, or if you have any questions, you can register at www.recycling4green.com or call us1-800-522-3320.

Thanks and have a great day,

Stephanie Smith,
Fundraising Support Specialist.

Recycling 4 Green



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